Marsha's first-hand narration of her weight loss journey with Squat n Lash;

" When I was pregnant with a triplet around the fall of 2015, as excited as I was, my body had already started to take a toll. By the fifth week, my body had obvious signs of weight-gain but I was dreading to counter-check that with a weighing scale. I could notice that my reflexes were slowing down and I had a harder time waking up in the morning. Just when I did gather the courage to weigh myself, I was shocked! The scale read 170lbs plus. Not to forget, I used to be around 140lbs with a naturally slim and toned figure. I had started to skip my pregnancy prep that my husband had so fondly enrolled me for, and spent most of my time at home to avoid getting noticed.

I started out at Squat n Lash with the weighing scale beating 190lbs, three weeks after delivering two beautiful, healthy daughters. At start, my body was so weak that only driving to the gym was like moving mountains. My fitness trainer at Squat n Lash knew exactly where to start. Instead of handing me a pair of heavy dumbbells, she sat with me the first day and altered my usual diet with low-carb and vitamin-rich alternatives. For four weeks straight, she introduced me to simple but effective variants of cardio exercises. I was 7 pounds down by then. We gradually increased the duration and intensity of workouts which allowed my body time to recover. I stand at 136lbs today and still regularly workout at the gym for an hour daily before leaving for the job that I have just started. “

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