Nothing is more enticing than a woman who appreciates herself by taking care of her wellbeing.

At Squat n Lash, we aim to empower every woman with the warm confidence of seeing a better self every time she looks in the mirror. We aspire to be a one-stop solution for everything any female needs for herself to feel beautiful. Our team is committed to help you set and achieve body goals and uplift you into a more confident woman.


Marcela, a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist by profession. She brings together a decade of experience in the beauty & cosmetics industry and more than four years of professional practice in the fitness world to this center. When asked about her purpose for establishing Squat n Lash, you would always hear something like; “I wanted to share my love with others women who are all so beautiful in their own ways but often realize this either late in life or never.”

When she is not in the gym, you would almost certainly find her either reading a fitness magazine on her bedroom couch, or out at the mall with her friends, trying healthy options of foods and drinks or gazing at sportswear in athlete shops.

“My lifestyle mantra is simple; eat healthy, exercise regularly and look stunning!”

Marcela Castellon
Health and Wellness Profesional Advisor/Cosmetologist 

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